Early morning, long walk and great fun shooting!

Recently I finally devoted my Saturday morning to photography and I’m really enjoy this beautiful routine.

Central London with an iPhone in your hand

Central London with an iPhone in your hand. When I started to think about what would be my photography from now on using just my iPhone 7 Plus, I couldn’t image that I would have enjoyed it so much.

The magic of Black and White

Is not easy to find words for every blog post. It’s a challenge every single time. Said that this post is about doing photography with my iPhone. I decided last year to dedicate myself to mobile photography for different reasons. Mobility, portability, the challenge just for say some of them. I’m pushing myself even further…

Clapham here and there.

If you are like me, loving wake up in the morning when the sun is rising and get out of the bed to spend an early walk through the city you will appreciate these photos I took last week in Clapham. I always blame myself for setting the alarm too early. The first eye open…

Italy. It’s just beautiful. Part TWO

Memories, postcards, people walking around you taking photos. In this second part of my post dedicated to my beautiful country, I want to take you around Santa Margherita Ligure, Portofino and Camogli.