An early walk in central London

The day didn’t start really well. Was chilly but eventually it turns out in a really nice day. Well it did for just a couple of hours but that was just the time that I needed. Central London on an early Saturday.

A love story

A real love. A real love story. On the 11th of February I was pleased to be part of a beautiful story of true love. Karina and Russell celebrate their union with friends (I have been lucky to be one of them) and family and share with all the people they care the beauty and the happiness of the day.

The Perfect Portrait for that Perfect Look

  The desire to discover, the desire to move, to capture the flavor, three concepts that describe the art of photography. Helmut Newton If you take the time to sit and read the experienced wise words of Mr. Newton, you can learn and understand why, I, as a professional photographer, am so passionate about my…

The beauty and the Beast

The Cote D’Azur….. An idealic location for any holiday or a long weekend where you can lose yourself in Nature’s back  garden of natural beauty, a Combination of the Blues of the Sky transforming the colours of the sea and the rocky landscape that embraced the Island. Last weekend I left the city behind me…


Sat at my desk, I was drawn to the amazing cloud forms that were appearing in the sky and instantly, I saw a creation of pictures that could only be captured in black and white and on film. It was a dark, dull, wet afternoon, but it still managed to create a scene of beauty,…